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We are reinventing appliances since the 1980s. Over the past three decades, Homeplus Appliances has emerged as one of the India’s largest kitchen appliances brand catering to the needs of homemakers in the country. Our specialty is OEM service. Homeplus has emerged as a leader in the OEM/ODM service in electrical appliances industry in India. More than thousands of traders all over India have managed to promote their brand names at a mass scale with our help at the initial stages of venturing. And hundreds of big and small scale traders, wholesalers, shopkeepers etc. are selling our products actively, under their brand name. What are you waiting for? Call us now: +917982109763 and with our help get your brand in this list!!

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Our mission is to make it easy for young entrepreneurs to start their own venture. The major problem with the electrical appliance industry is that it requires huge investment at the initial stage for Research and Development of products. Many talented, enthusiastic entrepreneurs hesitate to enter this industry.

So, Homeplus came with a solution. We do the heavy lifting in research and development for young entrepreneurs and create new products for them. As a result, they do not have to invest in manufacturing, their venture capital money instead can be used in marketing and to sell their products using their skills and talent.

At Homeplus we work the vision to create a an easy, smooth, and hassle-free environment for newcomers in the electrical appliance industry.

Our vision is to create numerous opportunities for the young generations to start the business with minimum investments and create new jobs. They don’t have to invest in manufacturing and they can use their skills and money for marketing.

Our Vision

Customer Reviews

“They have a powerful motor which does the job in few seconds. Homeplus have premium quality products at a reasonable price. 

By Shweta Verma

“Homeplus have world class products and amazing services. If its about home appliances, one should definitely go for Homeplus”.

By Kunal Ahuja

“Really thankyou for your great products! you have affirmed my belief in startups and their innovation. Keep up the good work.”

By Harpreet Singh

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