Nowadays there are so many discussions going on about healthy diets. There’s a lot of bits of advice bobbing around here and there. A ton of opinions are being given on what to eat (and not to eat), when to eat and how much to eat it can be tough to sift out the truth. Here are some of the common myths about healthy eating and their corresponding truths.

Myth #1: It is a healthy eating choice to eat egg white and not egg yolk.

Truth: The yolk is the part of the egg where the real nutrition is!

The yolk has over 40 percent of the protein and over 90 percent of the calcium, iron and vitamin B in a whole egg. It offers one more benefit by keeping you full and satisfied for longer.


Myth #2: If you eat after 6 pm it will gain your weight.

Truth: It is not at all about the time!

The thing that matters while healthy eating is what you eat and in how much quantity. And not how late you eat. If you eat foods which give more calories than your body needs you will gain weight even after 6 pm.

Myth #3: Eating fat will make you fat.

Truth: Your body requires fat!

Eating fats in limited quantity will give no harm. They actually give you a feeling of fullness and helps in absorbing some important nutrients like vitamin A, D, and E.

Myth #4: Carbs are not healthy for your body.

Truth: Fewer carbs will be healthy for you!

Carbs are really essential as they provide energy to the whole body. But it is a better choice to eat only healthy carbs which are minimally processed.


Myth #5: One type of diet is better than others.

Truth: Every person requires a diet corresponding to his/her body needs.

Everyone has their own likes or dislikes and intolerances. And therefore each individual needs a different diet which best suits his/her body according to him/her.

healthy eating

Myth #6: Margarine is healthier than butter.

Truth: Some kinds of margarine can be unhealthy for your body!

They have trans fat which can be bad for health. Both butter and margarine have almost same amount of calories.

Tip: Choose trans-free brand while buying margarine

Myth #7: Every organic food is automatically healthy.

Truth: Not every organic food is a healthy one!

Organic snacks are still snacks. They have a lot of calories. Eating them in excess is absolutely not OKAY. Told you, while healthy eating it is important to note what you eat and in how much quantity.

Myth #8: Fresh juices in limitless amounts are healthy.

Truth: Anything in excess will definitely harm you!

The daily intake of fresh juices should not be more than three glasses.

healthy eating

Myth #9: Eating less food daily will lose your weight.

Truth: Your body can’t sustain without regular intake of food!

One person should eat around five to six times a day at equal intervals (in limited quantity and also, only healthy food).

Myth #10: Fruits are healthier than vegetables.

Truth: Vegetables are healthier than fruits!!

An ideal intake of vegetables and fruits per day is four portions of vegetables with one portion of fruit.

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